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May 14

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Laura Murphy

Irish working conditions among the best in Europe

80% of Irish employees have rated their working conditions as good, much higher than the European average of 53%.

Under the research published by the European Commission to mark International Labour Day, 1st May 2014, working conditions comprise of a number of factors including:

• Working time
• Work organisation
• Health and Safety
• Employee representation
• Relationship with employer

Denmark topped the scale at 87%, followed by Luxembourg (86%), Finland (84%), and the Netherlands (82%). At the other end of the scale, Spain came in at 20%, Croatia at 18% and Greece being rated the lowest at 16%.

Across the board, younger respondents tended to rate their conditions as better than older respondents. Amongst 15 – 24 years olds 60% said conditions were good, whilst only 46% of those aged 55+ rated conditions as good.

Ireland also scored highly in Health and Safety, with 91% saying they were satisfied with health and safety at their current job.

Interestingly, Ireland and Germany have the lowest proportion of employees in full-time employment at 63%. Croatia topped the poll here at 94%. However, Ireland does have the highest number of employees on temporary employment agency contracts.

Working conditions are one of the key areas covered by European Law. It is extremely encouraging to see Ireland scoring so highly, particularly when the majority of Europeans report that their working conditions have deteriorated in the last five years.


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