Bright Contracts has everything you need to get a professional staff handbook and employee contracts in place for each of your employees.

It makes it really simple and quick. Read on to discover the features that make it possible. Then download your free trial and test it out yourself.

Simple, Simple, Simple

For any task, you'll see exactly what you need to see on screen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Uses the Whole Window

Bright Contracts optimally fills the application window, whether you're on a large or small screen.

Beautiful Graphics

Tender loving care has gone into every pixel of our software. It's a pleasure to use.

Attention to Detail

We have strived to make every part of the application as clear, simple and elegant as possible.

Designed for Humans

Bright Contracts is designed for everybody, not just for HR or employment law experts.

It's easy to learn and use. It's predictable. It presents clear, minimal and understandable options on screen, and does all the complicated heavy lifting in the background. It does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Employment contracts are hugely important to every business, and Bright Contracts takes away the barriers of complication and high expense. Get sorted today. It's easy!

The Handbook Screen

Select a section on the left, and view/edit its content on the right. It doesn't get any simpler.

Editing a Section

If you're familiar with typing and basic formatting, then Bright Contracts will be no problem.

Adding a Section

Add your own handbook section anywhere you want. Bright Contracts lets you know which ones you added.

Optional Sections

Bright Contracts includes a library of optional sections that you can add with a single click.

Cover Page

Personalise your handbook with a cover page that can include your company logo.

Signature Page

Get your handbook signed off. One page per employee, or multiple employees on one page.

Employee Handbook

Employee handbook, company handbook, staff handbook - call it what you will, Bright Contracts lets you create yours effortlessly. And we mean that. Just by installing Bright Contracts, a complete, usable handbook is ready and waiting.

You can optionally add, edit, move around or delete the provided handbook sections as required, and of course, you can add your own. The software lets you know which you've edited and added, and if need be you can revert back an edited section to its original content with ease. It's really simple.

Add a cover page with your logo, set headers and footers, tweak the fonts, and you're ready to print or email your handbook to your employees.

If you want your employees to sign off on your handbook, Bright Contracts makes creating signature pages easy.

Adding an Employee

Add each employee by entering details, or import them all at once from a CSV file.

Creating a Contract

Set employee details, dates, pay rates, entitlements, and more. Or just duplicate an existing contract.

Marking a Contract as Signed

An employee contract is marked as draft, until you record the date of signature.

Additional Contract Sections

For those parts of the contract which are particular to your business, simply add them yourself.

Employees and Contracts

An employee contract is an important document. An employer is taking a risk by not implementing a contract for each employee. But it can be very complicated or very expensive to do it the traditional way. Enter Bright Contracts.

Bright Contracts breaks it all down into a logical series of questions and inputs. All you have to do is provide the answers. The most popular answers are used by default. Where a question still might be difficult to understand, the software provides handy tips and guidance. For employees with similar employments, contract details can be re-used.

Headers and Footers

Set headers and footers for handbooks and contracts. Use smart tags for variable info.

Styles, Fonts, Colours

Match your corporate branding, or just make your handbook and contracts look exactly how you want.

Page Setup and Preview

Set and see exactly what your handbook and contracts will look like on paper.

Printing and Exporting

Print to paper, export to PDF format (including password protected PDFs), or export to XPS format.

Working with Documents

The whole point of Bright Contracts is to allow you to create a printed (or digital) document for your employee handbook and contracts.

And so we've put a lot of focus on making working with these documents flexible, powerful and simple.

Headers and footers, section numbering, fonts, colours, page size, page margins, multiple document previewing, printing, exporting to multiple formats - it's all there.

Employees Without Handbooks

Until an employee is marked as having received a handbook, he/she will be flagged red.

Employees Without Contracts

Until a contract is created and marked as signed for an employee, he/she will be flagged red.

Out of Date Handbooks

When a new handbook version is ready, employees with a previous version will be flagged amber.

Soon to Expire Contracts

Employees with signed contracts that are due to expire in the next 30 days are flagged amber.

Keeping Track

Aside from providing you with the tools to create your employee handbook and contracts, Bright Contracts also provides the ability to keep track of which employees have everything in place, and which don't.

The software will keep you informed of which of your employees have and don't have a handbook, which have an out of date handbook, which have and don't have a current signed contract, and which have a soon to expire contract.

Handbook Versions

Everytime a handbook is assigned to an employee, a handbook version is created and stored.

Handbook Section Updates

Everytime you add or edit a handbook section, a log of what has changed is recorded.


All the flagged employees are summarised in clear lists and coloured donut charts.

Live Updating

The summary automatically updates as you work with your handbook, employees and contracts.

Employer Summary

As soon as you have added your first employee, the summary screen comes to life, keeping you up to date on the state of your handbook and employees.

It lists handbook versions in use, recently updated handbook sections, employees without handbooks, employees with out of date handbooks, employees without contracts, and employees with expiring contracts. Each list item is a clickable shortcut.

If applicable, donut charts give an overall status of your employees.


Contextual documentation for every feature of Bright Contracts is available via the Help menu or F1 key.

The Guidance Icon

Wherever you see this icon, click on it (or hover your mouse over it) for guidance and explanation.

Input Validation

Bright Contracts avoids many issues by not allowing invalid or conflicting values to be saved.

Phone and Email Support

Please contact us directly if you need any help or advice. Visit the support page for full details.

Help and Guidance

We've tried to make every part of the Bright Contracts interface simple and self-explanatory. But with the complex nature of employment law, there are various terms and inputs that still could leave you scratching your head. To avoid this, we've placed explanations and guidance notes throughout the entire application.

We also have extensive, searchable online documentation that we are constantly improving and refining.

And don't forget - phone and email support is free.

Handbook Content Updates

When new handbook content is available, you will be notified and asked what you want to do.

Contract Content Updates

When new contract content is available, you will be notified and asked what you want to do.

Non-Destructive Updating

The content update process will not overwrite any of your own handbook content or existing contracts.

Application Updates

We periodically release full application upgrades to address user feedback or add new or improved features.

Keeping Up To Date

Employment law changes. Things get modified, things get added and things get removed, all of which will affect you and your employees.

Bright Contracts was designed from the ground up with this in mind. When the provided handbook or contract content is modified in response to employment law changes, we publish a new version. Your installation of Bright Contracts will use internet connectivity to detect new versions, and report back to you with the details and options.

You remain in full control - nothing will be changed unless you want it to be.

Multiple Employers

All previously opened employers are quickly available in the startup screen, in alphabetical order.

Using the Checklist

Bright Contracts includes a printable checklist which you can use to get relevant details from your clients.

Local and Network Access

Bright Contracts data files can be accessed locally or via a correctly configured network location.

The Bureau Version

Bright Contracts is a great opportunity to widen your range of services and open a new revenue stream for your business.

It can be used to create handbooks and employee contracts for unlimited employers. Documents can be printed or transferred digitally via email.

At less than twice the cost of a standard licence, the Bureau licence makes sense for managing any number of employers, from two to infinity.

If you are thinking of offering this service to your clients, we have put together a toolkit to help get you started.