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Oct 14

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Laura Murphy

New Support!

At Bright Contracts, we're continuously looking at ways to improve the service and support we offer our customers. As part of this we've recently added additional free support to our website!

  • How to Roll Out Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbook

Purchasing Bright Contracts and creating employee contracts is the easy part! Introducing them to existing employees can be a slightly trickier issue. To help you successfully issue your employee documentation we've added a detailed step-by-step guide, plus video to our website, that will help get you sorted without creating conflict in your workplace.

  • Managing Absences: Return to Work Interviews

11 million days are lost each year in Ireland due to employee absences, costing the economy €15 billion per year! One of the most effective ways of managing employee absence is to conduct Return to Work Interviews. We've put together a short guide and template form to help you structure and conduct Return to Work Interviews.

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