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Nov 14

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Laura Murphy

Signs that your new hire won't work

From time-to-time every hiring manager makes a hiring mistake. No matter how rigorous your screening and interviewing process, what you thought you saw is not always what you eventually get.

It’s never fun to realize you made a bad or ill-informed hiring decision. The good news? It’s often easy to tell early on if a new employee won’t work.

Here are some telltale signs to help recognise whether a new employee will work out:

Still at the “Old Job”: It’s understandable for new hires to want to bring forward new ideas – but if your new employee is constantly bringing up their old company it raises the questions as to why they left in the first place. If employees aren’t willing to adjust to the way things work at your company, it’s unlikely they’ll have the flexibility you need.
Attendance Issues: attendance problems are always a red flag, but if within their first month of employment they are frequently late or are already calling in sick, they are not going to be a reliable employee, it’s a sure sign that they don’t care enough to make an effort.
Too Assertive: While new employees should definitely voice their opinions, raise concerns, and stand behind their decisions, they should also take it slow and feel their way through interpersonal and organisational dynamics so they can build positive relationships. A new employee who takes too strong a stand, argues too loudly, or even borders on confrontational is likely to be a handful once the new hire honeymoon period is over. Quietly assertive is good; loudly assertive, especially in the first few weeks, means you may have hired someone who will always be a real handful.

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