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Dec 14

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Laura Murphy

EAT Awards three Employees €80,000 each

Three employees formerly employed in the home of the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates have each been awarded €80,000.

The Filipina women were employed by the Ambassador doing housework and childminding duties. The employees originally worked for the Ambassador in the UAE and relocated with the family to Ireland in April 2011.

The court heard that the women were forced to work 15 hour days, seven days a week. They shared a bedroom within the Ambassador’s premises, however the bedroom only contained two beds which the three women had to share.

The Ambassador paid the women €170 each per month, but there was no evidence of payslips or other paper work to show statutory charges like Universal Social Charge were being paid.

Neither the Ambassador nor his wife appeared or were represented at the hearing.

Considering the amount of employment legislation that we have in place today, this is an alarming case, were all employment rights legislation had been breached. The Tribunal Chairperson said she found the case “deeply disturbing”, and particularly so considering the employers public profile.

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