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Nov 15

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Jennie Hussey

Irish enterprises are lacking human resources functionality

A recent survey, carried out by The HR Department, has found that fewer than 6 out of 10 small & medium sized Irish enterprises invest in a human resources function, despite the fact that 93% of them believe HR plays a crucial role in business.

The research also revealed that more than a third (35%) of businesses surveyed do not have a staff handbook.

68% of companies that employ 1-10 employees have no HR whatsoever and more than a third (36%) of companies with 11-50 employees also have no HR function.

40% of companies surveyed gave the reason for not investing in a dedicated HR professional or outsourced service because they felt their business was too small to need it, followed by 16% of companies who felt the cost was too much, whereas some 11% of those surveyed felt they have a good enough relationship with their staff and therefore do not require a HR function.

The survey of 600 SME's across the country found that technology, communications, banking, manufacturing & finance are the industry's most likely to invest in HR, whilst the hospitality, retail & business service sectors would be the least likely to invest.

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