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Dec 15

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Laura Murphy

2016 What's in Store?

2016 is set to be another busy year in employment law! Key changes we all need to be aware of include:

• Minimum Wage Increase

From this month the minimum wage has increased by 50 cent from €8.65 to €9.15. The increase is a result of a recommendation made by the Low Pay Commission, set up to advise the Government of minimum wage rates. For more information on the change please see here.

• Casual Contracts Review

One of the most frequently asked questions that come into the Bright Contracts support team is with regard to Casual Contracts and Zero Hour Contracts. Casual contracts offer employers, particularly small employers, flexibility to meet changing business needs at a low cost. They are crucial to the success, and often survival, of many Irish businesses. Therefore it is with great anticipation that we await changes in the law surrounding the use of both casual contracts and zero hour contracts. Consultation is due to close in January and it expected that the Minister will move quickly thereafter.

• Paternity Leave

Budget 2016 saw the announcement of paternity leave in Ireland. From 2016 Irish fathers/partners will now be entitled to 2 weeks paid paternity leave on the birth of a baby. It is expected that the new legislation will be effective from September 2016. The rate of pay for paternity leave has yet to be announced, however it is likely that it will be in line with Maternity Benefit, currently €230 per week. Further reading on paternity leave is available here.

As always, Bright Contracts will be keeping track of all changes and will be keeping customers up-to-date.

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