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Dec 15

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Laura Murphy

Work Christmas Party - Don't Get Left with an Employment Law Hangover

It’s the Christmas Party season, the time when employers treat their employees to slap-up dinners and drinks, to thank them for their hard-work throughout the year. However, employers need to be aware that they are liable for the conduct of employees at a Christmas party, even if the party takes place away from the place of work. Employers can avoid being left with an employment law hangover by taking some simple precautions.
Below are some helpful tips to help employers relax and enjoy the Christmas Season

  • Plan well: ensure everyone is included, even those on maternity leave. If using an external venue be sure it is accessible to all.
  • Remind your employees of the rules: don’t be a party pooper, but beforehand remind staff of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and remind them of any appropriate company policies e.g. bullying and harassment policies.
  • Food and Drink: avoid offering a free bar, possible offer limited drink vouchers and if providing alcohol be sure to supply food.
  • Make sure staff get home safe: employees are your responsibility, consider providing taxis, or provide list of local taxi firms, be sure nobody drinks and drives.
  • Leave work at work: avoid discussing work issues, managers should avoid discussions about performance, promotion, salary or career prospects

So long as you follow the tips provided there’s no reason your Christmas party shouldn’t be an enjoyable night for you and your employees.

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