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Aug 16

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Lorraine McEvoy

How would you deal with transfer requests from employees?

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has ordered an employer to pay an employee €2,500 for what it called “an undue delay” in dealing with her request for a transfer.

The employee, a paramedic, applied for a transfer 3 months before returning from maternity leave. However, the woman informed the WRC hearing she was upset and shocked by her employer’s handling of her situation. The employee felt her employer denied her fair process by taking almost 7 months to deal with her grievance.

The WRC stated that the delay was unreasonable and unfair and caused the employee undue stress. However, the adjudication officer also stated that he could not recommend granting the paramedic a transfer to her own are as no vacancy currently exists. He recommended the woman accept her place on the transfer panel on the same basis as any other employee.

The officer stated: “In the circumstances where there is no available position, vacancy or work available in the area to which the complainant seeks to transfer, it is not feasible or possible for me to recommend that she be so transferred and I must reject that element of the claim.”

The lesson for employers here is to deal with all employee requests and issues in a timely manner. Even if you are unable to accommodate an employee's request, communicate with the employee and keep them informed at all stages of the process. 


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