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Sep 16

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Laura Murphy

How your Company can benefit from staff induction

Many companies spend considerable time and money finding and recruiting the right staff to join their team. Disappointingly however, very few companies take the time to provide proper induction for their new staff.

Induction is about welcoming and introducing a new employee to your company.

A good induction process will boost staff retention rates and productivity levels enabling new recruits to contribute to the bottom line much quicker. 

Statistics show that individuals decide whether or not they feel at home in an organisation within the first three weeks in a company. Furthermore, new hires who go through a well planned induction program are 58% more likely to remain with a company for up to three years.

What should be included in induction?

The induction programme should be tailored to suit your organization and the role being hired for.

However, as a guide, the following should be considered:

  • Administration: contract of employment, company policies & procedures, health and safety.
  • Company overview: your products and services, your history.
  • Full office tour and introduction to colleagues and management.
  • Job training: specific role training as well as general office / IT training - this may be ongoing over a number of weeks.
  • Feedback: regular catch-ups during the probation period to assess how the employee is doing. Positive feedback will help build their confidence, constructive feedback will help them improve.

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