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Sep 16

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Laura Murphy

Using CCTV in the Workplace – What you need to know

Whilst commonly used across many Irish workplaces, the use of CCTV raises issues regarding data privacy for both the employer and employee. This is particularly true considering the increasing capabilities of CCTV including face recognition and voice recording capabilities.

The Data Protection Commissioner recently issued new guidelines in relation to CCTV which apply to its use in the workplace.

Key features of these guidelines include:

  • CCTV use must be justified
    • Example: if monitoring for security reasons, CCTV should address specific concerns that arose prior to the installation of the system.
  • Images captured must be reasonable
    • Example: if using CCTV externally every effort should be taken not to capture passers-by or neighbouring property.
  • Detailed assessments should be conducted
    • Where CCTV in place in the workplace employers should be able to show that:
      • A risk assessment was conducted to justify the need for CCTV,
      • A privacy impact assessment was conducted,
      • A policy should be in place for staff which includes details on why CCTV is in place, where it is, how it is captured, who has access to the data, and how long it is retained for,
      • There is evidence of previous incidents giving rise to security and/or health and safety concerns,
      • Clear signage is in place indicating where recording is in operation.

If you use CCTV in your workplace and would like further information, a full guide for Data Controllers is available on the Data Commissioner’s website.

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