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Mar 17

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Lauren Conway

What harm can two jam tarts make?

The Employment Appeals Tribunal decided an employee was fairly dismissed when jam tarts were found missing from a packet. The man in question, Moran, worked in the warehouse for Keeling’s Logistics Solutions, who operated as a distribution company for the supply of goods to just one customer.

An investigation was carried out when the security manager saw Moran and a colleague “acting suspiciously” beside an open cage, containing boxes of jam tarts. He claimed to see the cage being moved and that he saw the men eating something and putting their hands inside the cage. The investigation found that Moran had tampered with a packet of jam tarts and two individual tarts were missing. CCTV footage was reviewed and the men claimed that they were sharing a Mars bar and denied eating the jam tarts.


The employer had a strict policy that no stock would be consumed on the warehouse floor and installed vending machines on the shop floor to prevent staff tampering with and eating their stock. The employer carried out a disciplinary procedure and dismissed Moran, who then appealed the decision but lost. The EAT found that Moran’s evidence was not credible and on the balance of probability that he did tamper with the stock.

“The Tribunal also found that there were no procedural defects which would render the dismissal unfair. The investigation, disciplinary meetings and appeal were thorough, fair and objective.”

Learning Points

The importance of having firm policies and applying procedures when dismissing an employee are prominent in this case. 80% of unfair dismissal cases are lost by employers not because they didn’t have a good reason for dismissing the employee but because they have failed to follow fair procedures. As an employer, you do not want to be subject for a hefty unfair dismissal claim that could have been easily avoided.

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