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Apr 22

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Saoirse Moloney

The Great Resignation

Many employers are dealing with the issue of the ‘great resignation. Employees are casting a critical eye on their employer and what they are receiving from their organisation. As a result of this employers are looking for ways to attract and retain their best staff.

The pandemic has placed workers in a position where they could stop and revaluate many aspects of their lives, specifically when and how they work. Employees are becoming more aware of what organisations can offer in the form of benefits and career development opportunities. Employees want to feel personally valued within their workplace.

As an employer, you know how important it is to piece together a winning team. But it’s also important that you retain your great employees and do what you can to avoid losing talent.

Tips to help attract talent to your organisation

1. Develop an employer brand and promote your business as a desirable place to work and progress. Use social media to create brand awareness and publish job vacancies

2. Corporate social responsibility: by recognising and identifying your organisation’s corporate and social responsibilities you can demonstrate to employees the values that matter most to your organisation.

3. Create an employee-focused workplace culture. Employees value their personal time and appreciate it when their employers are considerate of this.

4. Offer benefits that can add value when trying to attract new employees. Offer something that other companies don’t offer. E.g., gym memberships, performance bonuses, team-building activities, free food etc.

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