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May 22

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Saoirse Moloney

Gender Pay Gap Reporting in Ireland

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration, and Youth has finally published some details on how employers will have to calculate their gender pay gap statistics.

What will employers have to do?

Employers will have to report:

Mean and median pay gaps

Mean and median bonus gaps

The proportion of men and women that receive bonuses

The proportion of men and women that received benefits in kind

The proportion of men and women in each of four equally sized quartiles.

Employers must calculate these statistics for their employees using a snapshot date of their choice in June 2022 and using data from the preceding 12 months.

What is the gender pay gap reporting guidance?

If you are familiar with UK gender pay gap reporting, the Irish legislators have been heavily inspired by the UK regulations.

  • Bonuses will include “payments in the form of money, vouchers, securities options, or interests in securities, or, which relate to profit sharing, productivity, performance, incentive or commission”
  • Hours are defined very similarly. Employers must use the contracted hours (i.e., for salaried employees), a figure derived from a 12-week average for those with variable hours or some other figure that the employer selects. However, employers can also explicitly use the total number of actual hours worked (i.e., for waged employees where this is recorded).
  • Employers must prorate bonuses. Any bonuses paid must be prorated so that the amount included is proportional to the pay period. In the UK, this means taking one-twelfth of an annual bonus payment

These regulations will only apply to employers with 250 or more employees in the first two years after their introduction. In the third year, the requirements will also apply to employers with 150 or more employees. Thereafter, the requirements will apply to employers with 50 or more employees. The regulations will not apply to employers with fewer than 50 employees.

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