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Dec 16

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Laura Murphy

2016 Employment Round Up

2016 has been another busy year for employment law. We’ve summed up some of the key changes:

  • Retirement Ages: January 2016 saw the introduction of the The Equality (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2015 which stipulates that employers must objectively justify a mandatory company retirement age. The advice to employers in this regard is to review employment contracts and staff policies, where a mandatory retirement age exists employers should include a robust policy objectively justifying the retirement age. The “Optional Sections” tab within the Handbook of Bright Contracts contains a draft policy which may assist employers set objective justification. Read more
  • Paternity Leave: 1 September 2016 saw the introduction of paid paternity leave in Ireland. Fathers / partners are now entitled to two weeks paid paternity leave within the first 26 weeks following the birth of a child / placement of a child for adoption. Read More
  • Minimum Wage: As announced in Budget 2017, minimum wage will increase again in January 2017, the new rate being €9.25.
  • CCTV in the Workplace: the Data Protection Commission this year released updated guidelines on CCTV use. The guidelines include a requirement for:
    • a written CCTV policy to be in place
    • a risk assessment to be conducted to justify the use of CCTV
    • a privacy impact assessment
    • evidence of previous incidents that have led to concerns that may justify the use of CCTV
    • clear signage indicating that there is CCTV recording in operation. Read More

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