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May 22

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How to Handle Employee Resignations

When an employee resigns the employee will usually give full contractual notice of their resignation. However, an employee sometimes resigns in the heat of the moment. Regardless of the situation, you need to handle the situation properly.

What is Resignation?

Resignation is when an employee informs their employer that they’re quitting. The employment relationships can end in various ways, including:

  • An employee gives you their notice of resignation by speaking with you or handing in a letter of resignation
  • If your business ends the contract of employment
  • When an employee reaches justifiable retirement age.

Once an employee has notified you of their intention to resign, they must complete a notice period. The length of this notice period can be found in the employee’s contract of employment.

During this period you can begin to search to find a replacement for the role.

Notice Periods in Ireland

Notice periods in Ireland vary by each employee’s employment contract. The employee’s length of service is also taken into account. However, there are two common types of notice to keep in mind:

Contractual notice: You can decide the amount of contractual notice an employee must give. For example, two months’ notice may be required for an employee who has worked with your business for two years.

Statutory notice: This is the length of notice an employee is legally required to give. This will depend on their length of service.

If an employee has worked with your business for at least 13 weeks, they must give you at least one week’s notice.

What to do when an employee resigns?

When an employee decides to resign, it is natural that you may try to convince them to stay. If instead, you accept the resignation, there are some key steps to follow:

Get the resignation in writing

Written confirmation of the resignation must include the employee’s name, the date, and a signature.

Respond to the resignation

Acknowledge your acceptance of the resignation. This can be a written or verbal response.

Prepare a handover pack

A handover pack can come in handy for when the departing employee’s replacement starts

Conduct an exit interview

An exit interview will give you the opportunity to understand the employee’s reasons for resignation. This is also a good chance to listen to feedback for further improvements.

Retrieve business property

Make sure to retrieve any business property from the departing employees. These items can include computers, devices, uniforms, etc.

Lastly, remember to end the professional relationship on a positive note. You never know but the departing employee may wish to return to the company in the future.

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